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TRUST THE PROCESS. It really helped me be more compelling on paper. Top MBA Elite’s process of having me go through all of my accomplishments and reflect on all of my experiences was really important. It was time consuming, but it helped me pull together themes and build the narrative to sell myself into HBS (with money!) and Emory (full ride)! Work with Top MBA Elite!”

L.M., HBS & Emory Admit

(600 GMAT)


United States

“The Round 1 decisions were released last week and I found out that I was admitted into Fuqua (with $$$) and Kellogg (my dream school!). I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since I’ve received the news. Top MBA Elite really helped me to stand out. Thank you for helping me whip my personal statement and essays into shape. It made a HUGE difference!”

S.R., Kellogg & Duke Admit

(640 GMAT)


United States

When you have a 690 GMAT, you are in a huge crowd of so-so applicants. Building an application that helps you stand out is a mission-critical must. Getting into Kellogg with a fellowship far exceeded my expectations for this process. I would have been successful without the Top MBA Elite system to demystify the process and help me make the right impression on the admissions committee.”

R.C. Kellogg Admit

(690 GMAT)

United States

“I was elated to finish my GMAT only to realize that the application and essays presented a vast, challenging ocean between me and getting into schools. The Top MBA Elite program helped me get crystal clear on my personal brand and what was really special about my profile. Getting into Harvard has been a dream come true. Top MBA Elite helped me to stand out and win big!”

D.I. HBS & Booth Admit

(700 GMAT)


As an over 30 white male in finance, I approached the top MBA process with quite a bit of trepidation about my chances of getting into the very best programs.

Imagine how ecstatic I was when I ended up not only getting into Stanford GSB, but also getting into Kellogg with a $70,000 fellowship!

I was also pretty proud of my waitlist status at Tuck. I didn’t dream that any of these schools would give me a nod due to my advanced age (over 32yo). I could not have done this without Top MBA Elite!”

S.R. Stanford & Kellogg Admit

(720 GMAT)


United States

Being 35 and applying to top business schools as a caucasian male is a stressful proposition. I had already applied to MIT, INSEAD and Wharton (2X) and received dings. This time, I got into both Sloan and INSEAD. Two out of 3 ain’t bad! The personal statement and goals story process helped me to fix several fatal errors that I didn’t realize that I had made in presenting my best self to admissions committees in previous rounds. I could not be happier with my results given that I have now invested several years into trying to get into top global MBA programs!”


(720 GMAT)


United States

I had applied to multiple top business schools before and was dinged by as many as five schools without an interview before working with Top MBA Elite.

With guidance in this program, I was able to develop very strong essays and create what I felt was a strong a memorable personal brand. During my interviews this time around, adcoms commented pretty directly that they remembered me from my essays. I have Top MBA Elite to thank for that! I got into multiple top programs and cannot wait to get started!

M.P. Booth & Duke Admit

(700 GMAT)


United States

“I just wanted to say thanks very much for all your help. I was accepted into both Wharton and Duke (my R1 schools)!! I would not have made it without your help and I’m really grateful for your program!

I was able to understand why I had been dinged, improve my resume and the personal statement and goals exercise really helped me to articulate my story and communicate why an MBA is the next logical step for me.

I got $30k in fellowship money from Wharton and $78 from Duke Fuqua!”

U.C. Wharton & Duke Admit

(700 GMAT)



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